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young, vibrant, creative, professional, girl celebrant

A Brief History of all things Nell…...


I came crashing loudly into the celebrant world in mid-2013 to hitch my big sister to her fella – they couldn’t quite get their hands on a readily available young-minded celebrant who was interested in flexible and individually customized ceremonies…. and so a minor star was born.


My unique personality, sense of humour (I’m hilarious, just ask me), ever-present smile (probably not entirely appropriate at funerals, but what are you going to do? *shugs*), distinct personal style (I mean, just look at the hair) and refusal to rely on boring templates certainly sets me apart from a big ole chunk of the celebrant crowd. And I’m pretty unashamedly damn proud of that.


My other life as a Paralegal (a career spanning twenty-two plus years) and my two decades of service as a NSW Justice of the Peace, has instilled in me a knack for public speaking, amazing organisational abilities, and an unheard of fondness for paperwork (yes, I was the brown-noser goody-two-shoes debate team captain and school captain during my primary school days, what happened?).


I hold a Certificate IV in Celebrancy, am an Australian Government recognized Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant, a founding member of Sassy Celebrants and a full member of both the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants and The Celebrant A List.


I am a die-hard Dr Who enthusiast, ardent Elvis adorer, avid skull admirer (it’s actually becoming a bit of a problem *cough cough hoarder cough*), shoe/boot-collector and mad baker, and when not running around the country-side marrying folks, am the devoted mother/wrangler of 2 boisterous boys (don’t know where they get it from…..) and wife/boss-lady to my biggest fan, Mr Jones or old mate as he's otherwise known (he’s punching and he knows it).


Combining all of these bits and bobs with my broadminded creative nature enables me to offer couples and families the opportunity of engaging a young freshly-minted celebrant who will expend every effort to make certain that their ceremony is tailored to their personalities, needs and wants - quirks and all.


But that’s enough about me, cause it ain’t actually about me….it’s about you, your family, your love, your personality, your vibe, your party, your celebration – the two of you, all the way – quirks and all – grab your ceremony with both hands and embrace the awesomeness.

Why Nell?

Because I am 100% uniquely me whilst 100% all about you!

Truly, it is YOUR day YOUR way, whatever that looks, sounds and feels like.

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